Do you like cheese? According to studies, one of the culprit that triggers migraine in a person is the intake of cheese. Yes you read it right! Cheese contains tyramine. Tyramine is found naturally in some foods. It is formed from the breakdown of protein as foods age. Generally, the longer a high-protein food ages, the greater the tyramine content. The amount of tyramine in cheeses differs greatly due to the variations in processing, fermenting, aging, degradation, or even bacterial contamination.

The following types of cheeses have been reported to be high in tyramine: Blue cheeses / Brie / Cheddar /English stilton / Feta / Gorgonzola / Mozzarella / Muenster / Parmesan / Swiss. So the next time you suffer from migraine, check your food intake. For details and other triggering factors, visit your migraine specialist or a neurologist. Stay fit & healthy! #cheese #food #allergy #migraine #headache #pain #stroke #vertigo #dizziness #specialist #neurologist #winnielimkhooneurologist #winnielimkhoo #manila #philippines – at Manila Doctors Hospital

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