Are you frequently Dizzy

Vertigo is a specific type of dizziness that is characterized by the sudden sensation that you are spinning or that the world around you is spinning. The feeling can come and go or it can last for hours or days. Along with the dizziness, people may also experience nausea or vomiting, headaches, double vision or a racing heartbeat. If a person does experience repeated bouts of dizziness and hearing loss, It is advisable to see a neurologist or a specialist to seek appropriate treatment. Dizziness could also be a symptom of of a serious brain problem such as stroke, bleeding in the brain or multiple sclerosis. #vertigo #dizzy #dizziness #headache #migraine #neurologist #neurologistmanila #winnielimkhoo #winnie #winniesharonlimkhoo #winnielimkhooneurologist #manila #philippines #maniladoctorshospital #chinesegeneralhospital #infantjesushospital #philippines – at Manila Doctors Hospital

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