Obesity can increase the risk of stroke due to in ammation caused by excess fatty tissue . This can lead to dif culty in blood flow and an increased risk of blockage, both of which can cause strokes.

• Excess fatty tissue has been shown to have a signi cant association with risk of stroke/transient ischemic attack (AKA “mini-stroke”), independent of other vascular risk factors. Waist circumference and related ratios can better predict stroke than BMI.

• Degree of obesity, de ned by body mass index, waist circumference, or waist-to-hip ratio, was a signi cant risk factor for ischemic stroke (stroke due to lack of blood flow, rather than due to clotting) regardless of sex or race. #stroke #strokerisk #obesity #obese #fat – at MT Tower Building, Paquita Street, Sampaloc, Manila

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