Tips to Help You De-Stress

Tips to Help You De-Stress by Dr Winnie Lim Khoo

Here are some time tested tips to get stress relief:

1. Exercise. “Run, do some yoga, punch a bag at the gym,” advises Winnie Lim Khoo, MD FPNA, Adult Neurologist. Exercise is a way to manage stress that doesn’t have to add to your financial woes. For example, a 20-minute walk or jog around your block can yield up to 12 hours of improved mood. The main thing is to find a physical activity that you enjoy, whether it’s dancing or fly fishing.

2. Socialize. Spending time with friends and family who give you a sense of belonging, purpose, and fun may provide all the stress relief you need.

3. Write. Dedicating a period of time every day to write about a situation that is bothering you may reduce tension and give you stress relief for the rest of the day. Keeping a journal can also help you solve problems or find positive angles amongst the stressors.

4. Laugh. Laughter really is the best medicine. It is proven to lower tension, and at the same time, improves blood flow and the health of your heart. Rent a funny movie and forget about your worries for a while.

5. Take care of yourself. When tension spikes, it can be tempting to put yourself last — but prioritizing healthy eating, physical activity, relationships, and sleep is necessary if you want to avoid making your stress worse.

6. Get some fresh air. If you are cooped up inside all day, take a few minutes to get outside and see the sun. A little time in the great outdoors can improve your mood and help you relax.

7. Be kind to yourself. Think about the daily blessings you receive. Thinking negative thoughts only makes you feel bad and will increase stress.

8. Meditate. Practice deep breathing and meditation exercises daily, and when you feel tension rising.

9. Be thankful. Showing thanks for your family, friends, and loved ones and being thankful for the positive aspects of your life has a calming effect. Not only does it give you perspective, it makes other people feel good, too.

Stress Free Life Tips Dr Winnie Lim Khoo Neurologist Philippines

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