Early Onset Dementia

Dr Winnie Lim Khoo Neurologist Dementia Doctor

People diagnosed with dementia under the age of 65 are often described as ‘younger people with dementia’ by health and social care professionals. Other terms used include ‘early onset dementia’, ‘young-onset dementia’, and ‘working age dementia’. The signs of dementia may be similar regardless of a person’s age, but younger people may have different needs, and require some different support. This factsheet looks at the types of dementia that younger people may have, some of the difficulties that they might experience and where support can be found. In general, younger people with dementia are more likely to:

  • be in work at the time of diagnosis
  • have a partner who still works
  • have dependent children
  • have ageing parents who they need to care for
  • be more physically fit and active
  • have heavy financial commitments, such as a mortgage
  • have a a rarer form of dementia
  • have an inherited form of dementia

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